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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy


Evaluate Your brand

You come to Mermaid for honesty. We're here to help you achieve your goal- the first step on the way is an honest assessment of your current brand. We help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Mermaid experts compare your brand to others in your industry and use consumer engagement tools to help you figure out what works... and what doesn't.

Plan for the future

We don't stop at identifying the problem. Mermaid becomes the solution. We work with you to develop a plan, how to redesign your brand or grow what's already there. We know this process, we've done it before. The hardest part of brand growth can be knowing the next step, and that's where we come in. 


establish a connection

As your brand becomes more personal, more engaging for your customers, it develops a life of its own. You establish that personality that will carry you into the future. Mermaid will help you form that connection with your target audience and keep them coming back. 

maintain your image

So you've planned. You've taken the proper steps. Now what? A good brand is a well-maintained one. Your aesthetic should be consistent- your brand's voice should be clear. Mermaid has the tools to keep things running smoothly. We check your brand's temperature and tell you where and when to adjust your approach.