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Content Creation

Content Creation

How We Work


Step 1: Create Brand Aesthetic & Identity

We work with your team to differentiate your brand- what makes your company unique? How do you want consumers to engage with your company? The overall aesthetic of your brand should transcend your individual accounts and become its own identity. Consumers should know they have found your company just from the landing page of your website. Mermaid helps to get you there, to provide cohesive, comprehensive brand strategy and management tools.

Step 2: Monthly Content Shoot

Mermaid sends a team of photographers and content creators to help you generate the photos and content you need to nurture that brand identity. We stage photoshoots, providing professional lighting and other tools necessary to set you apart on the digital stage. We ensure that your company has the content it needs to stay updated and fresh in the quick-moving digital world.


Step Three: Photo Editing & Posting

Once we have the professional photographs, Mermaid gets you across the finish line. Our team edits the photos, working with the Adobe Suite to create the best content possible for your brand. We create captions and hashtags that will catapult your images to the top of your consumer searches, and we ensure that your company is generating the fresh content it needs to stay relevant. 

What Else We Can Provide


Personalized Content Photography

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.
— Destin Sparks

We provide a level of artistic experience and digital know-how that other firms cannot match, at a price they can't beat. Our team will separate your brand through its photos and help you create a unique aesthetic that will draw consumers to your website. 


Graphic Design

Our team of trained graphic designers can provide the professional services you require to bring your brand to the next level. Email blasts, logo creation, personalized social media posts, even memes- our team can do it all. If you ever wanted to find a one-stop shop for your graphic design needs, then you've come to the right place. 


Youtube Thumbnails & Channel Art

Are you a Youtuber? Do you need professional thumbnails for your videos? Mermaid has your back. Our team have created a variety of thumbnails across various Youtube channels, and we would be happy to help you reach even more subscribers. An eye-catching thumbnail can be the difference between a thousand and a hundred thousand views on a given video, so give us a call today. 

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Photo Editing: Photoshop and Lightroom