Mermaid Media
Making Waves Together



We aren't your father's marketing firm. Focusing on digital presence, data analysis, and search engine optimization, we use our comprehensive array of tools to bring your brand right to the consumer. We ensure that people encounter your brand where they live and work- that your company becomes an integral part of their digital experience. 


Digital focus

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in the digital world. Mermaid team members excel in the worlds of advertising, design, and fine art. We do this because we love it. Through partnership with Mermaid Media, your company will grow to love its digital presence too. Emerging social media and online content creators offer companies like yours a chance to reach new audiences, an array of people that would have been inacessible even a decade ago. Partner with us and watch your brand flourish. 


Data analysis

Mermaid can offer an unparalleled depth and breadth of data analysis. We crunch the numbers- who engages with your brand, what makes those people special, and where your brand really shines. We will present those numbers to you in a client-friendly format that allows you to asses your marketing strategy's strengths and weaknesses at a glance. 


search engine optimization

SEO has become the secret handshake of modern marketing firms. Everyone is doing it. If you're not, then you're not in the club. Ensuring that your website and social media accounts utilize all available SEO tools and coding those sites properly will exponentially grow the number of consumers that view your brand on a daily basis.