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Social Media

As more and more people live, learn, and love online, social media presence becomes a key component of a successful brand. A company that wishes to reach consumers in the twenty-first century needs to develop its social media personality, the brand identity that will spark consumer engagement. Mermaid Media will partner with you to manage those accounts and develop that identity, that voice that will reach your target audience. 

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create a brand aesthetic

Your brand should stand out. It should be strong and distinct, a brand that will resonate with people. Let us help you find that aesthetic, the feeling you want consumers to have when they engage with you. We will show you how to nurture that aesthetic and tailor your digital presence to best support the overall feel of your brand.

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consumer engagement

The digital world moves fast- consumers will pass right by your company if you don't catch their eyes. Mermaid does that work for you. We tailor your social media presence to draw consumers, to encourage engagement. The more they click, the more likely they are to purchase your product or services.

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Graphic design

The bones of any social media account are its graphic elements. Your logo, branding, and consumer-facing tools should be primed and ready to go. Mermaid will help get you there with a team of experienced graphic designers and artists.