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Website Design

Website Design


step 1:Consultation


We sit down with you, get to know your company. What defines you? What separates your brand from others in your industry? Who are your target consumers, and what characteristics do they share? We help you answer these questions and more as we work with you to develop an overall website strategy. 

Step 2: basic website setup


We generate a template website. That means the bare bones- the landing page, subpages, and spaces for pictures and content. Our team communicates with you to tweak the template until we find what works best for your company. 


step 3: Content Creation


We partner with you to generate the content necessary for a fully functioning website. Pictures, text, and search engine optimization terms- we guide you through the process and create the content you don't already have on hand. Mermaid team members who specialize in copywriting provide the finishing touches. 

Step 4: Stunning feature photos


Our team works with you to create an array of professional photographs. Pictures provide the foundation for your digital presence, and your brand needs a solid portfolio to rise to the next level. Our dedicated team have the requisite skills to capture and edit the photos you need to grow your brand.